Vacation in Seminyak-Bali

The island of Bali in the South Pacific represents everything exotic and Indonesian. Bali is known for its sophisticated art forms, particularly dance and gamelan percussion music. Thousands of temple festivals each year feature dancers and parades. Particularly stunning is the day before the Hindu New Year when colorful ogoh-ogoh monsters are carried through the streets, and then burned to drive away the evil spirits.

Historically an agricultural economy, cultivation of rice and arabica coffee are still the primary means of employment. However, Bali has now developed a thriving tourist trade. Bali villas are available for vacationers’ lodging. Reserve luxury accommodations through Chill Out Bali provides the highest standards in sleeping areas for western tastes while preserving the unique South Pacific atmosphere.

Bali is located on the ecological dividing line between Asian and Pacific Island flora and fauna. The ecosystem is primarily Asian, and about 280 species of birds can be seen there, and the banteng, or Bali bull. The variety of animal and plant life is stunning. From active volcanoes to alluvial plains, the island’s varied topography blends off into the sea, and is surrounded by a coral reef. Beaches in the south have white sand, while those of the north are known for black sands. Diving and snorkeling around the reefs are a great way to see rays, hawksbill turtles, dolphins, and even sharks.

An airport serves the island, and the primary tourist center is in and near the city of Kuta. Its suburbs include Legian and Seminyak. For dining in Bali, there are restaurants of many international cuisines. Local fare is traditionally little more than rice, except for special occasions, when suckling pig is likely to be served.

Visit this “island of the gods,” stay in one of the fine bali villas, and immerse yourself in the South Pacific experience.

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