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Tuscany Apartments for Your Next Holiday in Italy

Tuscany apartments are the smarter choice for your holidays in Tuscany. When you stay in Tuscany you usually want to be in a place that gives you a homelike feeling without many frills. Also you want to be in a peaceful place that will give you the chance to relax in the wonderful scenery that Tuscany offers. Therefore you tend to choose accommodations in the countryside, and as a natural choice your preference should be on apartments.

The advantages of renting a Tuscany apartment over any other accommodation rental in Tuscany are that you will find yourself saving quite a lot of money for the same quality. Sure, if you rent a villa in Tuscany you are likely to get a wonderful living space, large enough to throw a large party, but the price would also soar exponentially. Keeping all things equal, apartments are smarter because cheaper. Unless you need a huge space for yourself and your family during your holiday, a villa may be definitely too much. Consider that you will be taking daytrips to Florence, Siena, Pisa, Pienza, and other special places you cannot miss. So how much will you actually stay at home?

Another important reason that makes Tuscany apartments a better choice is that owners are usually on site. Yes, we all know how wonderful it is to get a tan in total freedom by the swimming pool, say whatever you want, talk about your private arguments without being heard by other guests or strangers. That is more of a mental state, however. How many times would you actually completely liberate yourself if you were totally isolated from the rest of the world? Keeping it practical, having owners on site, which does not mean having them in your face day in and day out, is a great advantage. If you need anything, they are there to help you, if something breaks in your apartments, they will fix it as quickly as possible, if you need a piece of advice on best restaurants, routes, daytrips, cheaper gas station, doctor, grocery store (you name it), they have all the information on their fingertips. I remember once I forgot to ask if there were mosquito nets in our room. My wife is allergic to mosquito bites, as she gets narcoleptic. I mentioned that to the owner and he said there were no mosquito nets, however he would provide some temporary ones within the day, and so it was. Priceless!

Comparing Tuscany apartments to hotels, the smart choice is still on apartments. Unless house chores and cooking are hideous to you or your family members, hotels provide a low value for your money. Rooms are usually crammed, there is no homelike feeling, the quality of the service and the food varies without you being able to predict it. And hotels do cost a dear amount. Even a three people family can run into expenses of 100 to 150 Euros per day for a three star hotel. For that price you get a very nice apartment in Tuscany for even more people.

My experience with apartments has always left me satisfied of my choice. And my family members were glad of the choice too. Remember to look for Tuscany apartments for your next holiday to Italy, it will make all the difference!

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