The World’s Most Interesting Museums


No vacation is complete without visiting a museum associated with your destination. We can learn so much about the past when we visit a museum. No matter what you’re interested in, there is probably a museum devoted to it. Here are some of the more interesting museums you can visit while you’re on vacation.

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Money Museum, Colorado Springs, Colorado

If you’re interested in money from the early days up to the present, the Money Museum in Colorado Springs, CO may be for you. It has interesting displays that showcase the earliest forms of money, such as shells and primitive coins and modern money. You can also see some of the rarest money in the world, such as the 1804 dollar, and real $5000 and $10000 dollar bills!

Museum of Bad Art, Boston, Massachusetts

The Museum of Bad Art in Boston is the only museum in the world dedicated to displaying the worst the art world has to offer. It was founded in 1994 by an antique dealer. Most people would think that it would be pretty easy to get a piece of artwork on display there, but actually nine out of ten pieces are rejected because they are not bad enough. The museum is quite popular because it’s the only one of its kind and everyone is curious as to just how bad the art displayed there is.

Prague Torture Museum

If you happen to be in Prague, swing by the Medieval Torture Museum. This museum showcases over 60 torture devices used in the Middle Ages. Each instrument is complete with a detailed description of what it was used for. If you tend to get queasy, this museum may not be for you. It’s a little disturbing, but also fascinating. Some of the things you will see are saws, chastity belts, and various beheading devices.

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