The Colosseum


The Colosseum: Nice piece of old Rome

The Colosseum was built in 72 years by the Flavian emperors. It was financed by the sacking of Jerusalem in seventy years. The opening of the Colosseum was a big party and lasted for one hundred days. In these one hundred days the games were very important: Gladiators fought to the death. It was a lot of work to build the Coliseum, it was the size of several football stadiums!

About the Coliseum:
– The base is 188 to 156 meters high!
– The total perimeter is 527 meters.
– There were 76 numbered entrances.
– The height of the building is 48 meters.
– The Colosseum was built to include concrete, brick and tuff.
– The Colosseum can easily fit 50,000 spectators.

The Colosseum was designed for the whole play. Many people think that the Colosseum was used only for fighting. This is not true. Besides these famous battles, there were many amazing sights to see which animals played an important role.

Even today it is a famous and popular attraction. Every year many tourists come by to see this monument. But why is it so special? The Colosseum is one of the most impressive remains from the Roman period. There are still more arenas to find but they are often destroyed. In addition, the Coliseum is in a beautiful setting, for example, lies around the remains of ancient Rome.

Before you are allowed to enter, you will have to wait a considerable time. In connection with terrorism, every tourist and his luggage checked through a metal detector walk around. The price of entry is standard eleven euros. The wait can sometimes be very annoying because the very bottom of urine smell, it is because homeless reside in the evening.

If you come as a visitor first in a small museum. There are many things that have been excavated in the Colosseum. It is interesting to see. In the Colosseum are a lot of things dug up from ancient pottery to fine art.

Outside you can go walking around the Coliseum. If you are over’ll have a beautiful view of Rome. You can either upstairs or downstairs to look around. Yet there is not much to see it as a round building with a lot of grass in the middle. The Colosseum from the outside looks nicer than when you actually capable of. In the evening it is beautifully lit by several Colosseum spotlights.

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