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Prague has a lot to offer, from beautiful monuments, to hidden cobble stoned streets, all the way to its traditional Czech cuisine. An infinite number of restaurants can be found all around the city, but some are worth the extra search. Here is a list of five interestingly different restaurants in Prague, which offer you their beloved local cuisine, but with a little something extra if you’re looking for something more than the ordinary goulash.

Kampa Park Restaurant

Kampa Park Restaurant is located on the beautiful Kampa Island, in the middle of Vltava River between the Old and New Towns. The restaurant offers a beautiful view on the park gardens and on Charles Bridge. It is one of Prague’s finest restaurants and provides a fine dining experience of Czech food paired with over 150 different wines. According to the time of day, season and weather conditions of your booking, you will be allocated the best table possible with the finest views.

Duplex Restaurant

restaurants-in-pragueKnown as the huge glass box of Prague, Duplex is located on the top of one of the city’s tallest buildings, offering a 360 degree view. It is one of Prague’s most exclusive restaurant/clubs. The ‘box’ is located in the center of Wenceslas Square and features a large terrace, which together with the particularity of the restaurant itself, attracts all sorts of clients, including Mick Jagger, who celebrated his 60th birthday there.

Bellevue restaurant

Bellevue Restaurant combines European and Czech cuisine to create a perfect fine dining experience. The view of the Prague Castle from the tables adds to the magic of the restaurant and its dishes. In the summer you can enjoy an evening out on the terrace drinking wine and listening to the subtle murmur of the Vltava River flowing in the background. Try the goat cheese salad and the cod filet on a bed of tagliatelle and vegetables with a champagne sauce.

Lvi Dvur restaurant

Lvi Dvur (or Lion’s Court) Restaurant is located in the Royal Gardens of Prague Castle. Until the 18th century, Lion’s Court was used as a place to breed wild animals such as lions and bears. When animal breeding declined and the last bear departed, the location was converted into a restaurant. When Prague Castle was later opened to the public, the restaurant was restored multiple times until the final adaptation in 1999 brought it to its current form. Lion’s Court is a tavern style restaurant that offers many of the traditional Czech dishes, as well as the pub menu and a long list of delicious wines.

La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise

La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise Restaurant offers traditional Czech cuisine with a modern twist. It has a different philosophy about food: food is an extraordinary experience. That is why they cook small meals that arouse all the senses. Curiosity is followed by centered perception and the feeling of unsated appetite, and then comes the craving for more. And to add to the perfection, each small dish is paired with a small taster drink, from wine to beer to fruit juices, depending on what you are savoring at that precise moment.

Guest post from Dalila Ercolani (@iamQuattromani), a writer for Eating Prague Tours — a new food and travel guide to the culinary scene in Prague. If you’re looking for interesting things to do, or Prague tourism tips, check out their travel guide!

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