Worlds Most Luxurious Hotel Pools

Luxurious Hotel Pools

A vacation simply isn’t a vacation, at least not a pleasurable one, if you find yourself bored or disappointed with your accommodations. When looking for the right hotel, it’s common to look for a hotel with a swimming pool, and most all hotels have them these days. The trick is to find a hotel with great prices with a pool to exceed the bill. Unfortunately, once you’ve seen one pool, most of the time you think you’ve seen them all. If you want to take your vacation plans to new heights, you may want to consider staying at a hotel with a pool like no other. Across the globe, many hotels feature exotic or non-traditional swimming pools that you really must see to believe.

The Joule – Dallas, Texas:

Extending eight feet past the edge of the building, the glass end of the “Joule Poule,” as it’s called, makes guests feel like they are going to swim right over the edge into the city below. This truly one-of-a-kind pool can be seen from the outside, too, enticing visitors to the Dallas area to check out this unique hotel.

The Setai – Miami, Florida:
The Setai in Miami’s South Beach features three temperature-controlled pools in a lovely, tropical setting. The pristine waters invite guests to enjoy a myriad of water activities, and deluxe lounging beds sit pool-side for those that want to get some sun and take in the view.

Oaks Pacific Blue Resort – Port Stephens, Australia: Situated next to Salamander Bay in New South Wales is the Oaks Pacific Blue Resort of Port Stephens. Gracefully weaving through and around the hotels exterior is a sparkling lagoon-style pool, complete with enchanting foot bridges and walkways. Its intricate design appeals to travelers the world over, making this resort a hot destination spot.

Blue Lagoon Resort – Grindavik, Iceland:
Voted the world’s top medical spa by “Conde Nast Traveller,” the Geothermal spa pool at the Blue Lagoon Resort is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Located in Grindavik, Iceland, this stunning lagoon pool is made up of geothermal seawater. Unlike regular pools, bacteria are not able to survive in this type of water, leaving the pool free of the harsh chemicals you would normally find. A waterfall in the pool offers a natural, exhilarating massage, and alongside the pool guests will find a sauna, two steam baths, and the refreshing Lagoon Bar.

San Alfonso Del Mar Resort – Algarrobo, Chile: The world’s largest pool can be found at the beautiful San Alfonso Del Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile. This Guinness book record holder has no rivals– the pool looks and feels just like the ocean. Spanning nearly 20 acres, this pool is big enough to boat in! The pool itself is filled with seawater from the ocean– a unique computer system continually pumps in and filters the seawater, while eliminating old water at the same time. The result is clean, crystal blue waters that make guests feel like they’re swimming in the Caribbean Sea.

Burj Al Arab – Dubai, United Arab Emirates:
The exotic infinity pools at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai occupy the 18th floor of this gorgeous hotel. Surrounded by magnificent mosaic columns and the comfort of serene waters, guests can relax and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Persian Gulf from one of Dubai’s best kept secrets.

Hotel Villa Mahal – Kalkan, Turkey: The Hotel Villa Mahal in Kalkan houses one of the most stunning infinity pools in the eastern hemisphere. It’s triangular shape and shimmering blue waters provide a peaceful haven for guests to immerse themselves in. There are plenty of cozy places around the pool to sit and read a book, write in your travel journal, or meditate as well, making this the perfect place to relax and unwind. Here is a picture of one of the pools that looks as visitors swim in the ocean, it looks from inside as the pool seamlessly flows water from the pool into the ocean.

All over the world, luxurious pools lie like hidden gems, just waiting to be discovered. On your next vacation, include a visit to any one of these divine locations. A dip in one of their heavenly pools will be an unforgettable experience.

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