Fiji – an exotic paradise

The Fiji Islands are a set of 320 islands, of which less than 40% have settlements, and some of them are in a state virtually untouched. This archipelago has always been known for its beautiful attractions that are based, needless to say, on its pristine beaches. But Fiji also has other attractions, such as the dense tropical forests where you can spend a holiday of pure adventure and enjoyment. It may not be what your typical image of Fiji, but you can also experience more urban settings in cities like Sigatoka. The best part is that because it is urban and one of the lesser known places to visit in Fiji, you can find fairly cheap Sigatoka hotels year round. The Fiji is a sunny and exotic island surrounded by a unique environmental setting perfectly preserved for you. It is a place where there are fascinating ancient cultures, where cities are picturesque and market thousand colors. The extensive miles of pristine coral reefs and beautiful underwater exotic creatures make this country one of the most beautiful Islands in the world.

Fiji’s capital is Suva, and is one of the most prized cities in the South Pacific region, for its multiculturalism, financial and economic prowess and unwavering religious devotions. Obviously, the city also has beaches that are in perfect condition and stand out like many beaches on the Islands of Dela (also known as Isla Dela) with vast concentrations of coral reefs. The most valued by tourists is Suva City Botanical Gardens, the clock Tower at Suva City, Thuston Gardens and The Fiji Museum.

Fiji is a hub for visitors of all types from across the world. Her tourism sector mostly depends on contributions from tourists from Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia. There are two main factors to consider when visiting Fiji: that is the cost of travel and the whether. Fiji experiences two seasons; the dry and wet: between May and October and November to April respectively.

Several flight and travel agencies offer cheap flights to Fiji, cheap airfares and possibilities of booking online. Various airlines offer the best and affordable flight rates to the Fiji Islands. Air Pacific is considered as one of the companies that offer cheap flights to Fiji, opening to you the gateway to the beautiful Fiji at Low flight fares. Air Pacific flies to Suva and Nadi from Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. Extra attention is paid to passengers comfort by this company in which unique hospitality typical of the Fijians is showed.

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