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Lying beneath the South Pole, Antarctica is the world’s southern most continent. It is surrounded by the Southern Ocean and almost all of Antarctica sits south of the Antarctic Circle and is covered by┬áthick ice. Out of a total area of approximately 5,400,000 square miles, only 100,000 miles is notRead More …



When people think about Africa, some of the first things that come to mind are the unique and exotic beasts that live in the wild and enticing continent. People travel from all over the world for a chance to visit Africa, it’s people and cultures, and the animals that thriveRead More …

Australian Wildlife: The Kangaroo

The Australian Wildlife features the kangaroo, a large mammal growing over six feet tall, known primarily for its hopping movement. It belongs to the class of marsupials, from the Macropodidae family. This name is derived from macropods, literally, “large feet.” The name kangaroo also embraces several kinds of mammals inRead More …

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